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Senior & Mid-Level Contract Closeout Specialist

Primary Purpose

Contract Closeout Specialist will comply with all applicable Federal and USDA regulations and policies, including but not limited to USDA Procurement Advisory 93 C (Contract Closeout Procedures), Attachment 1.

Job Type

Full Time


Monday - Friday

Core Work Hours: 8 - 9 Hour Days


Washington, DC | Telework

Must be telework ready. All work conducted concerning the requirement must be performed within the United States and its territories.

The Agriculture Department (AD) requires contract closeout support services to assist the AD closeout leadership with managing their closeout program. The Contract Closeout Specialist will help close a backlog of all contract type awards for USDA headquarter directorates in support of the FPAC/AD goal of delivering quality contracting.
Services include the following:

• Prepare contract closeout and funding modifications.

• Prepare quick contract closeouts in accordance with FAR 42.708 Quick-closeout procedures.

• Provide administrative support to the AD Central File Room.

• Prepare, box, and catalog closed contract files for accession to the National Archives, Federal Records Center.

• Prepare quality assurance reviews of both pre-award and post-award contract files for compliance with applicable FAR and USDA rules, regulations, and procedures.

AD requires contractor closeout support for the approximately 8,000 awarded contracts where the period of performance has expired, and the contract is physically complete as defined by FAR 4.804-4 and the USDA Procurement Advisory 93 C (Contract Closeout Procedures). The number of contracts that require closeout will increase as new contracts are awarded.

The Government will furnish the contractor a PRISM-generated Excel spreadsheet that lists all AD contract actions sorted by the fiscal year of award. From the provided spreadsheet, the contractor shall assist AD with identifying and prioritizing those contracts where the period of performance expired and there are unexpended funds to be de-obligated. Subsequently, the type of contracts will be identified to provide AD an idea of how many contracts were awarded under SAP, FFP, and Cost reimbursable type contracts.

Additionally, the contractor will assist the COR in identifying and prioritizing those awards that have remaining no-year or 2-year appropriated funds balances that may be de-obligated and reprogrammed by the office of the USDA Chief Financial Officer.


Onsite contractors will assist their contracting officers with closeout documentation for an inventory of research and development (R&D), multiyear labor hour (LH), and level of effort (LOE) contracts. The closeout of these contract awards requires senior level acquisition and contracting skills to obtain and prepare the FAR-required closeout documentation and to provide recommendations to the AD contracting officer.


The AD inventory of complex contracts includes, but is not limited to, cost contracts that may require final rate audits, contracts with multiple year and multiple program office funding sources, and contracts where the closeout process has been initiated but funding, invoice, or deliverable discrepancies require resolution before the contract may be closed.

The CO/COR may identify additional award types or individual contracts that require the contractor’s assistance. The contractor will also prepare and transmit the COR Completion Checklist to the COR identified in the award or other individual designated by the program office.

Evidence of vendor payment may include, but is not limited to, the following types of written documentation:

The contractor will prepare and transmit the USDA’s Contractor’s Release of Claims Form. The contractor will verify with the vendor that all required goods and services were delivered, completed, and accepted by the Government.


The contractor will further obtain written verification that the vendor has completed invoicing, that all invoices were paid, and there are no outstanding invoices, refunds, payments, or claims against the Government under the contract. The contractor will coordinate with the vendor’s representative, the program finance office, and the program office COR, as needed to resolve any outstanding billing, refunds, duplicate invoice payment, invoice posting, or claims issues. If the vendor cannot be located or is not responsive to repeated and documented contact efforts, then the contractor will verify final payment and no outstanding invoices through other written documentation.

Work Schedules

• Standard Schedule: Work Monday - Friday for eight (8) hours each day, covering core work hours 0900 to 1500 and excluding Federal holidays.

Alternate Option: working hours starting as early as 0600, a lunch period of 30 – 90 minutes, and the workday ending no later than 1800.

Alternate Option: an Alternative Work Schedule (AWS), which is eight 9-hour workdays, one 8-hour workday, and one day off every two weeks.

Alternate Option: the Regular Telework program, which allows up to 113 Telework days a week.

• The Contract Closeout Specialist will coordinate the work schedules with the COR/TM to ensure appropriate office coverage Monday through Friday.

• Approved shipping receipts

• Signed receiving reports

• Approved final invoices

• Correspondence (either memoranda or email) from the vendor confirming receipt and payment of all outstanding invoices

• Correspondence (either memoranda or email) from the vendor concurring to closeout the contract and the amount of any unexpended funds balance