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Data Analyst (SCA Exempt)

Primary Purpose

DJS Consulting Group is looking for thoughtful, analytical, high energy, and detailed individuals to join our team. We need a self-driven Data Analyst (SCA Exempt) with a proven history of proactively and holistically supporting federal contracts.

Job Type

Full Time




Multiple Sites

  • Analyzes all data imaging/indexing assignments, determines priorities, and establishes production schedules.

  • Advises supervisor of scheduling and production problems.

  • Assists in developing and implementing data indexing procedures, as required.

  • Performs the more complex assignments requiring selection, indexing, coding, and interpretation of data.

  • Accurately indexes data using a variety of sources.

  • Reviews and inspects work to assure compliance with policies, and other procedural instructions.

  • Ensures quality control of completed jobs.

  • Performs record keeping of work performed.

  • Interacts with government employees regarding, work performed, and job status to achieve desired results.

  • Opens, sorts, and performs “document prep” on incoming invoices and vouchers that is connected to the work performed.

  • Sorts, classifies, files, and retrieves data, mail and other material in a variety of established digital and related filing systems.

  • Performs related tasks to maintain data and files as requested.

  • Batches the documents and scans them into the system.

  • Performs quality assurance on scanned documents.

  • Performs data entry services involving the keying of data (on standard workstation keyboards; correcting erroneous data from standard forms and other input document review; and resolution of data entry related problems; and other related support functions.

  • Conducts some clerical services, usually involving the review, verification, validation, and tabulation of data for a variety of functions. Prepares various materials such as reports, folders, labels, routing slips, or mailing.

  • Answers and makes telephone calls and prepares correspondence relative to assigned work. Performs other assigned duties.

  • Provides fiscal support to include maintaining automated files of financial documents and transactions, a multiplicity of tables in DEA's financial management systems and recording a variety of transactions from valid sources documents and verification of entries, e.g. fund control files, spreadsheets, databases. 

  • Performs financial management duties such as obtaining documentation to support payment processing, reconciling undelivered orders, and providing budgetary spreadsheets and reports. 

  • Provides customer support by answering e-mails, receiving telephone calls and visitors. 

  • Performs research and analysis on policies, documents, transactions, data, processes, and systems to identify issues requiring resolution and recommend appropriate action orally, and in writing. 

  • Coordinates and conducts training and conferences by coordinating logistics and distributing information. 

  • Develops and provides a variety of training materials for financial management training and conduct training presentations for an array of audiences. 

  • Effectively and efficiently closes the ever-widening gap of fiscal support staff with the increasing volume of financial requirements due to the growth of core programs and federal requirements which in turn direct financial management operations. 

  • Maintains Unified Financial Management System (UFMS) vendor file maintenance, UFMS vendor payment issue resolution, automated e-mail notification operation, financial data request and UFMS Reports support and systems security administration. 

  • Provides administrative support in tracking case related information.  

  • Secret Level Clearance

  • Bachelor’s Degree 

  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience

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